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You can fish on the majestic Lake Notawissi where gray trout, whitefish and pike are in the spotlight

The sampling on each lake is monitored and controlled very seriously. After a predetermined number of catches, a lake is closed to allow it to regenerate healthily. In addition, some lakes are also stocked to provide an interesting fishing quality for the less experienced, young and for those who wish.

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Large Lake Notawissi

Large Great Notawissi Lake is a lake with lake trout, whitefish and pike lake. These species are abundant and offer an excellent fishing quality. For the connoisseur, the lake trout will give you exceptional fights. The whitefish, "the fish of the Indians" is less known although it is gaining some popularity. Be aware that this fish is very sweet to taste and can be easily caught in the spring. Northern Pike has no surprise for anyone and is very easy to fish from mid-June.

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Brook trout

Most outdoor lakes are now lakes with brook trout. This trout is a cold water fish and is easy to catch in the spring. You will be able to fish lakes with native or cultivated trout.

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