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Bear hunting in the spring, small game and moose hunting in the fall, the possibilities are exceptional. And the 200 km² of our Club Notawissi territory will impress you.

The exploitation of game is very controlled and limited. For more than 25 years, our primary objective has been to preserve the incredible quantity and quality of this hunt.

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Bear Hunting

About fifteen hunting sites with watchtowers are maintained, prepared and baited for our hunters. More than half of the sites now have a new double cover with a roof. They are safe and very comfortable. Crossbow hunting is possible depending on the sites. Special attention is given by our guides to ensure that the game you want will come. *Dates follow the settlement of the zone

Small game hunting

Small game hunting begins in mid-September after the trout fishery closes. It will end around November 1st, at the end of the outfitter season. Woodcock, ruffed grouse and hares are present. In the past, several logging cuts took place on the territory, which favors hunters by offering several ways to hunt. No limit or allocation of territory is made, you can hunt in the entire territory. In addition, each fall, trappers work to capture the natural enemies of small game. The result is direct and very positive for our hunters. Hunting dogs and mountain bikes are allowed. Hunting for small game is available in american plan with reservation.

Moose Hunting

Moose hunting begins around October 6 * for two weeks of hunting. The territory is divided into sub-territory for each hunting group. These territories are exclusive and offer the desired tranquility for a hunter. A moose is allowed for a group of 4 hunters. The hunter group is responsible for its saltworks, watchtowers and trails. Moose are in abundance and hunting is limited to provide exceptional hunting quality year after year. * Dates follow the regulation of the annual zone

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