• P.O. Box 280, Saint-Anne-du-Lac, Québec, J0W 1V0 • Phone/FAX: 819-623-2525
Carte du TrajetBy Plane / Coordinates:
  • Longitude: 75° 30'
  • Latitude: 47° 06'
By Car:

Directions are relative to the start point of "l'Annonciation" city:
  • 38 Km after "l’Annonciation", turn right to go to "Chute St-Philippe";
  • 4 Km later, at the STOP sign turn right, "JCT 311 North";
  • 8 Km later, turn left on "Chemin du Pont-Couvert" road;
  • 0.5 Km later, turn right on Chemin du Progrès road;
  • 0,2 Km later, turn left to go to Mont-St-Michel;
  • 18 Km later, at the STOP sign, turn right at "JCT 309" North;
  • 13 Km later you will be at "Ste-Anne-du-Lac".
Last pit stop:
  • Continue to stop sign at "Lac Tapani";
  • Turn left on "Rue du Lac";
  • Turn right at the next stop sign on "St-François-Xavier" road;
  • Last services point: Épicerie du Lac/Shell.
Last 40 Km on dirt road
  • Follow "St-Francois-Xavier" road;
  • 2 Km later, at the (T) intersection, turn right;
  • 6.2 Km later, turn left on the "11th Rang";
  • 28 Km later, turn left at the Notawissi fork;
  • 6 Km left until your arrival at the Notawissi Lodge. Administration Phone number: 819-623-2525
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